Open Government Partnership
New Zealand

The Brief

I was contracted as a Creative Director by engagement specialists, engage2, to lead the visual strategy for a project with the New Zealand Government. The engage2 team was invited to deliver stakeholder engagement for NZ’s commitment to the Open Government Partnership (OGP). Key objectives were to raise awareness about the OGP and invite New Zealanders to participate in the development of the second NZ OGP National Action Plan. This was a collaborative effort between NZ Government and civil society.

My Role

engage2 designed and delivered an engagement strategy to secure participation from stakeholders. This involved planning, implementing and managing the visual strategy to achieve key deliverables, including brand development and style-guide, creating digital assets for engagement channels, design and development of the engage2 NZ website.

The Challenge

Developing the brand for OGPNZ was a challenge in defining the visual language that accurately represented the country and people.

OGPNZ Digital assets

“Working so collaboratively and constructively with the team was an amazing experience and resulted in the outcomes we set out to achieve. This was an inspiring and positive experience for myself and as a team.”

The Research

Having never been to New Zealand could not form a barrier to achieving the best possible outcomes, so I did extensive research about the country, culture and people. Consulting the engage2 New Zealand team members provided insightful and valuable first-hand knowledge that contributed greatly to the outputs produced.

The Thinking

It was really important that New Zealanders could identify with the visual language we designed to represent them. Thinking inclusively about all people in New Zealand, indigenous and non-indigenous, the design had to have a patriotic feel that was also friendly and approachable in tone with the same iconic recognition as the fern and kiwi. We also wanted to connect OGPNZ with the global OGP brand, which includes a strip of many colours in their visual assets.

The Visual Thinking

I researched and sketched symbols, forms, colours, typography and imagery based on my thinking. I created mood boards that were repeatedly refined until they presented a full picture to meet the brief.

The Process

Once I developed a number of potential designs, I tried and tested these by asking for feedback from the team and people in my network with a connection to New Zealand.
Slack was used to facilitate open and fluid communication, which was essential for the dispersed remote team across Australia and New Zealand. I also used Sketch and Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) throughout the project.
Early logo sketches

Logo options

First round of logo options that were shown to the client


For web and report template

The Implementation

I was responsible for the visual strategy and design across a number of platforms including WordPress, Eventbrite, EDMs and social media.
The Engage2 team working on the OGPNZ Strategy

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