Aged Care Placement

Aged Care Placement Services is an Australian based company helping elderly people find an aged care home and make arrangements suitable for their situation. Johanna was consulted to improve the software prototype that was built to launch the service in 2015. The objective was to design a more effective User Interface to improve an already existing prototype used internally. The intention for the new design was to produce a commercially available platform based on the success of the internally used app.
Rethink existing UI and UX design of the app for all users by evolving the initial prototype built to manage client profiles and match them with the best possible available aged care facility. The re-designed product would be launched into market and available commercially for people working in aged care placement services and consultancy.
We had to re-think the workflow so it would meet the needs of external users in the aged care placement services industry by providing a valuable tool for managing placement procedures with ease and efficiency.
The initial prototype was implemented internally with success, enabling Aged Care Placement Services to launch to market. To discover ways to improve an already effective platform we had to fully understand the information architecture and user journey so we could design alternative solutions that added even more value for users.
We began by gaining a deep understanding of existing processes and functionality already being used. To identify potential improvements and efficiencies, we had to know how users interacted with the software. Knowledge and insight about this was essential to build the framework for us to get started with our work.
The app had to be functional, smart and easy to use with specific features for aged care placement services. Johanna’s approach was a detailed exploration of daily needs, priorities, and how the new design could help users operate more efficiently and effectively.
Key needs were around arranging meetings, finding available facilities that were easily accessible, receiving notifications and real-time alerts. Branding of the app was also an important element for the business to raise profile and reputation.
Johanna workshopped product goals and industry requirements with Aged Care Placement Services. This allowed her to clearly identify customer goals and make recommendations to design innovative and intuitive task-managing features that performed beyond functionality as a solo component.
For example, Johanna suggested calendar alerts, an aged care facility finder that can filter by care needs, and a wizard to enable users to track progress of finding a home for individual clients.
Johanna designed low fidelity screens in a mock-up scenario to test her thinking. Using these designs as the baseline, the design and development team worked closely with the client to refine the processes and functionality of the software to achieve a better user experience and more efficient software.
A low resolution solution was designed, tested then constantly refined in a collaborative way with the client and developers. We focused on the user needs, functionality, user interactions and design for best practice in all areas.
Quality was measured over time and Johanna was encouraged to further explore the results and alternative solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Once the low resolution design was agreed on and approved by the client, we further refined the design and Johanna worked collaboratively with the developer to build the App for iOS and Android. It was essential for the team to work in a harmonious and responsive manner to ensure the process ran smoothly and productively.






“I loved the whole approach to the project and am proud of the outcome. Working so collaboratively and constructively with the team was an amazing experience and resulted in the outcomes we set out to achieve. This was an inspiring and positive experience for myself and as a team.”