Aged Care Placement Service

iOS App

The Brief

Aged Care Placement Services is an Australian based company helping people to find a suitable aged care home. I was consulted to improve the existing prototype of an iOS app that was built in 2015 and used internally by the company to manage placement processes of their elderly clients. The objective was to review its functionality, to improve usability of the app and the visual look and feel. The intention for the overhaul of the app was to build a commercially viable product.

My Role

I led the redesign of the existing app for iOS and Android in 2016. I worked closely with the project manager to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address user needs to improve the workflow. I executed journeys, wireframes, prototype and design specs and presented works to the client.

The Challenge

The existing Aged Care Placement Services app was very basic and linear. It did not have a clear user flow and was simply capable of storing client and facility data. There was no intuitive and useful workflow.
My challenge was to develop a tool aged care consultants will love and use on a daily basis to manage and access information and schedule their work tasks.


No login screen
Basic dashboard
Search facility by map
Facility listing


Login screen
This functionality was a must for confidentiality
I added a calendar functionality so upcoming appointments are visible and manageable from here
Search facility by map
This functionality is improved so facilities are searchable by area, care needs and availability
Facility listing
More visual impact is added to this page also to give an impression of how a facility looks from the inside

“I loved the whole approach to the project and am proud of the outcome. Working so collaboratively and constructively with the team was an amazing experience and resulted in the outcomes we set out to achieve. This was an inspiring and positive experience for myself and as a team.”

The Research

I needed to understand the existing processes and functionality of the app and learn how an aged care consultant is using the app – what do they love about it and where are the pain points. I developed personas and mapped out their journey through the process. Identifying and prioritizing features and functionalities.
ACPS-Lucie Black

Lucie Black

“To have a central place where I can get access and manage all my client data safely on the go will give me the peace of mind that all my clients are looked after in the best way possible.”
ACPS-Max Parsons

Max Parsons

“It takes a lot of time to find the right facility for my elderly clients. If client care needs and location can be matched to suitable facilities that would be fantastic!”
ACPS-Lina Cain

Lina Cain

“To have a step by setp guide that takes me through the process for each client ensures I will never miss a step. It feels like a neat and tidy solution both my client and I will benefit from.”

The Planning

My process involved sketching and white-boarding concepts and flows which I then transferred into low-fidelity design comps which I wanted to test before taking the design any further. I sliced the comps and pieced them together in InVision for testing.
I found that prototyping was the most effective way to gain meaning feedback from the project team and the client.
Early sketches
Medium fidelity prototype
I pieced together in InVision for testing

The Visual Thinking

The only visual guidance that existed for Aged Care Placement Services was a very basic brand style guide. This gave me a lot of freedom to develop a visual identity for the app. I created a documentation for the engineering team which consisted of the customer journey and the visual design specs and keylines.
During the build process, I worked closely with the engineering team to ensure the questions are answered quickly. Communication was especially needed for transitions and micro interactions.

The Process

A low-fidelity solution was designed, tested then constantly refined in a collaborative way with the client and developers. We focused on the user needs, functionality, user interactions and design for best practice in all areas.

The Implementation

Once the prototype was successfully refined and approved by the client, we worked on refining the visual design of the app which we then handed over to the developers. I worked collaboratively with the developer to build the App for iOS and Android. It was essential for the team to have good communication to ensure the implementation process ran smoothly and productively.

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