According to Techradar, iOS 9 isn’t about a fresh coat of paint like iOS 7 was. This I belief is not fully true. The fresh paint of coat may be much more subtle with this update it affects however the entire interface: a new font. (Watch the official introduction of the font: WWDC)
I am excited about the introduction of the new font “San Francisco” as it is a beautiful and functional font designed for optimal readability on different devices, screen sizes and light situations.
No screens were in mind of Swiss Type designer Max Miedinger when he designed the first version of Helvetica in 1957 which was Apple’s previous operating system font.
Despite of my excitement for the new font, growing up in Switzerland and being surrounded by this beautiful balanced letters wherever I look(ed), I of course “feel” about the disappearance of Helvetica Neue from my apple screens. To think however how much information has passed (and still will) through this beautiful designed letters blows my mind!