Led by Johanna Klaus, 4xample provides visual strategy, user experience design and design thinking for clients across a diversity of industries in public and private sector. We work with clients to re-imagine and redesign current or new creative concepts, working independently or for capacity building in teams. Work with us


Johanna is a multidisciplinary designer specialising in User Experience Design, influenced by a passion for design thinking, technology, philosophy, nature and adventure. Johanna is an eternal learner, exploring the art of science and the science of creativity, to see the world from a different lens with each new experience.

Curiosity fuels my thinking. I seek purpose and meaning based on a vision and drive to achieve something better than before, whether it be a small change or strategic shift. I believe diversity of experience, collaboration and continuous learning are at the core of innovation. My approach sees UX embedded in process and thinking.

I value intelligent design and thoughtful design practice. Integrity, quality and growth – personal and professional – is important to my sense of being and wellbeing. I encourage the opportunity to explore and pursue ideas and thoughts, and value this as a productive part of the learning process. I am passionate about the future of creativity, humanity, technology, ethics and meaning.

Professional background

In 2010 I founded my studio 4xample Design in Sydney, working across a breadth of industries in public and private sector. In 2017 I decided to expand my experience by taking on full-time employment to explore the application of UX in a global corporation.

I’ve worked in teams as part of technology and marketing functions, gaining insight into different motivations, goals, and ways of working with a diversity of people and data across organisations. It has sparked my interest in user research, combining data-informed insights with my creative intuition – this leads to innovation in my roles meeting complex design needs.

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4xample provides visual strategy and user experience (UX) design to a breadth of industries in private and public sector. We develop visual strategies and provide UX design services, working with clients to rethink and redesign current or new creative concepts. Learn more


Creative Direction
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Macquarie University
Sydney University
Under Armour


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